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So long......

Can you believe I am going to finally do it?  Something that was once only a dream, through some good and bad fortune is finally going to come true.  There have been so many memories that I guess I must have been at our company for 10 years although some of the memories are so lasting that it other ways it seems like I just started.

  I remember bugging Bill Moore to hire me.  After my first interview it was more than a month until I finally got the call to come back for a second interview.  The tech employment field was much different back then.  Bill had a choice of at least 50 resumes to pick from.  Bill told me he doesn't expect someone to come work for him and devote 20 or 30 years to him, but 2 or 3 would be nice. I remember walking in the first day and being exposed to all of these interesting personalities....  Emmett the slick talking sales guy with his team of Wally, Kevin and George Gross.  The quiet Dave Schaeffer who worked more hours than I could believe.  The tech team consisting of Tom Walker, Tony Chow, Scott Reeder, Terry Beers, Troy Keener and Studs. (Jim)  The whole show was headed by Dennis who seemed to be made of teflon.  No matter what the situation, Dennis could find a way through it.  The whole office was bursting at the seams with product and parts, a sort of controlled chaos.  Although a mess, this represented all of the business this small crew was handling and doing quite well as business grew and grew.

Up to that point all of my PC experience was with a Commodore Amiga, so I was almost as green as you could get.  I remember installing Lotus 2.4 for DOS and asking Troy if it was ok to hit the RETURN key when I was prompted to so.  My first year or two was spent taking my lumps, I did lots of grunt work like checking the oil in the vans, shipping and receiving