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Have you been fragged by FRAGU??

Tuesday, February 29th, 2000
Here it is the last hurrah for Y2K related problems and everything still is working!  Y2K went without hardly a hiccup.  The holidays brought me a Sega Dreamcast.  If you are a gamer, this is the system for you.  I have it hooked up to my 17" monitor with some nice stereo speakers.  It rocks!!  As far as 'puter gaming goes, I really have not played anything new.  I actually have stepped back into playing lots of Starcraft.  I forgot how much fun it is to beat people up on BattleNet.  I'm still looking for people that would be interested in helping with content for the site.  Send me an email here if you are game! 
Saturday, December 11, 1999
Yea I know, not much has changed!  I am in the process of moving the site from WebJump to Tripod.  Tripod is an awesome deal!  11 meg of space plus Front Page 98/2000 support for free!!!  Highly recommended!  The holiday season is here and with it comes lots of game releases.  In the past 3 months I have played many new games including Warcraft 2 BNE, Madden 2000, Unreal Tournament, Half Life Opposing Forces, and Quake 3 Arena!!  Look for a review area soon.  Not a bad review for any of these new games!!!!  I am hoping to recruit someone to help with content for the site!  If you are interested in contributing content to the site let me know and I'll contact you!! Happy Holidays and I'll be out there fragging you soon!!
Saturday, September 19, 1999
I've been neglecting updating the site due to being distracted by other things. (mostly game playing) It appears that people are hitting the site after seeing me in a game, that's cool! Reworked the intro page and added daily tips to this page. More tweaking to come!
Saturday, August 14, 1999
Finally I am back!  The move was hectic but now that the move is done I actually have more free time than I did before.  I've started playing some online Starcraft again and I've been doing pretty well in most HL games I've played.  Are you here because you saw me in a game? Let me know!
Wednesday, June 30, 1999
I've just sold my house so don't look for many updates in the next month or so.  I have less than a month to move out!!
Tuesday, June 15, 1999
I've been experimenting with some Java apps.  It appears you can have too much of a good thing.   3 java apps on my selections page ran fine on my P2 350 but brought a P133 to it's knees. I also discovered that Microsoft's FP out-of-the-box java hover button does not work on Netscape.  What a surprise. :)  Have feedback? Send it here
Friday, June 11, 1999
I'm slowly putting things together.  All the graphics you see on this site have been created by Gravestone or Homey (thanks guys)  I promised not to frag them as much in return for the favor. :)   Look for development of the gaming areas soon!
Thursday, June 5, 1999
FRAGU.COM is born!   This page is dedicated to the fine art of FRAGGING!  Please feel free to look around.  However this is nothing to look at yet. You can reach me here. If you are here you probably got fragged by me and wanted to see if my name was also a site.  Well now you know.